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Candy review
me as a doll
I have new candy to review, thanks in part to kakeochi_umai and mereprototype. :)

Nestle Coffee Crisp is a pretty tasty bar, but probably not something I'd go out of my way to have again. It's kind of like a large KitKat, only with less chocolate coating. The chunky KitKat bars have a very thick chocolate outside, which I really like. This had a thin coating and lots of wafers. Messy, messy wafers. One thing about KitKats is there seems to be enough chocolate and filling that the wafers don't flake all over the place, which was not the case with this. But the coffee cream filling was good and there was quite a bit of it. All in all, it's tasty, but I'm certainly not devastated that I've never seen one around here.

At Mitsuwa I was surprised to find a bunch of KitKats! They had some of the melon ones Julie sent before, and I was tempted to buy one or two, but decided against it since we were getting all these bagged ones.

KitKat Banana for some reason have a "make a wish" theme. The package says "when you wish upon a star" and "your wish will come true" and has a constellation design. Whatever. As soon as you open the bag you're hit with this (yummy!) banana smell. The KitKats are chocolate on the outside with banana-flavored filling. I was worried they might be banana-flavored white chocolate, so that was a relief. They taste as good as they smell and if they weren't $5 and change for a bag of 16 minis (at least the minis come with two fingers, unlike some of the US ones), I would definitely buy more.

We almost missed these KitKat Raspberry ones because they were on the bottom shelf. For some reason they were a dollar more than the banana ones, though they are the same sized bag. Anyway, these don't have much of a smell when you open the bag, but they are quite tasty. Again, it's just regular chocolate with raspberry filling (though in this case, that was obvious from the picture on the bag). Why, oh why are all the good KitKat flavors only released in foreign countries?

Reviewing these mini KitKats made me realise I'd never done the KitKat Lemon before. They don't seem to be carrying these anymore, but we bought several bags when we found them months ago at Mitsuwa. Like the banana ones, you get a strong lemon scent as soon as you open the bag. The flavor is quite strong, too, and very tasty. Lemon and chocolate is almost as big a favorite of mine as orange and chocolate, but alas, not nearly as common.

I just got six of these Orange & Chocolat KitKats in the mail from Julie today. I was curious to see what the difference between these and the other recent orange KitKats was. They say on the package that they're blood orange flavor (and you can see the picture of the orange is pretty reddish), but I wasn't sure how that would translate taste-wise. As it turns out, the orange itself doesn't really taste that different, though it's a much, much subtler flavor (Bruce said he thought if he didn't know it was orange, he might not have been able to tell). The chocolate, though, is a really yummy dark chocolate that reminds me of Men's Pocky. I love these. Bruce doesn't. More for me, yay!

The other thing I got today was two bags of these Citrus Hi Chew. There are three flavors per bag: valencia orange, Italian lime, and pink grapefruit. I'm trying to think if I've had pink grapefruit Hi Chew before and I can't remember. I know I've had regular grapefruit. Anyway, all three are tasty flavors, though the valencia orange is awfully reminiscent of Tang. I'm not sure how Italian lime differs from regular lime, but it's wow, really limey. Bruce has laid claim to the rest of those, so I guess I'll have to content myself with the orange and pink grapefruit.

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